Contacting Platform

Space hire call 020 3727 0982/0983 or email us at

Youth programme email us at

Youth support email

Duty manager call 020 7527 4468



Contacting Partners

Progress Team call 020 7527 7031 or email

Pulse call 020 7527 1300

How to find Platform

Comments and feedback

If you want to make a comment about any of the services provided at Platform....

Speak to a member of staff

During all opening hours we have a member of staff meeting and greeting people at the door. If there is a problem that person will try and sort it out on the spot or get in touch with someone who can help. We also welcome good ideas, so let us know what you are thinking.

Or send us an email 


Give as much information as you can. If you want a response we will get back to you within 7 days.

Or fill in a comment card

Fill in a card and use post box in café. If you want a response give us your phone number or email address and we will get back to you within 7 days.

Still not happy?

If you do not receive a reply or are not happy with the response from Platform you can complain to

After that?

If you are still not happy then please contact Islington Council through the Contact Us section of their website.

GDPR 2018 - contact information provided by you will be held on a database and used soley for the purposes of monitoring your comment or complaint. To see our Privacy Policy click here