Box Fit

Boxer Gloves

Increase your fitness, stamina, agility, reflexes and confidence with non-contact box fit, for young people of all genders. 

What is Box Fit? 

Box Fit is an exercise session that includes drills used in traditional boxing training such as abdominals, footwork, skipping drills and more. It is suitable for all abilities whether you have done lots of exercise classes and things like boxing before, or you just want to get your heart rate up and live a more healthy lifestyle. The class is free to join.

Ages: 13—19
Price: free

Course dates and times:
Tuesdays 5-7pm
Thursdays 5-7pm

(in school term-time only)

Bookings: Just turn up or call Anna on 07884007588

Last updated: 19/10/2021 10:14AM