Gain Ctrl


How long have you been coming to Platform?
I've been coming to Platform since August of 2015, my friend had been talking about how great this place was and brought me along and from there I made loads of friends.

What do you do?
At Platform I come mostly on Mondays and Fridays for Gain Ctrl, a music programme that I really enjoy. I also come for the youth sessions so I can hang out with my friends.

How has Platform helped you?
Platform has given me opportunities to make friends, gain confidence in myself and in my creative side. The people at Platform have really helped me to become almost like an entirely new person.

Any advice for young people who haven't been here before?
One thing I would say is not be intimidated or afraid as everyone is friendly and open to meeting new people. It is a second home to me and it's a place that most of us here find to be a safe haven.

What is the most fun you have ever had?
This can't be narrowed down to a single experience but when my friends and I hand out in the Nook, I always come out feeling 10x better, even if I was in the worst mood ever. The Nook is a quiet place for us all to chill and talk to each other away from adults and many of us find it to be a reassuring place.

What do you like the most?
The things I like most about Platform would be the atmosphere, Gain Ctrl and the amazing friends I've made. I honestly feel that I've made deep connection with some of the other young people here at Platform and I think those bonds are for life.

Last updated: 16/2/2016 09:30PM