Way Of Yaw

What do you do at Platform?
I have been coming to Platform for four years and up to six times a week so it is pretty much my second home. I have taken part in various activities such as song writing, performing and music. Right now however, I am working on my You Tube channel, Way Of Yaw.

Is that your hobby?
Rather than calling this a hobby I feel that being a YouTuber is something that I want to pursue as a career. I have a major interest in male fashion and in seeking unique styles that depict how i feel.

Receiving an Arts Award a few years ago






Upper Holloway


Male fashion

How has Platform helped you?
It helped me by providing the equipment that I need to pursue my dreams and to meet people that have tons of experience. I have learned to use music production and video editing software which I can’t afford myself - though even if I did own my own equipment I would still want to be here because of the people.

Any advice to young people who have not visited Platform yet?
Check it out.  And try to make as many friends as possible as it will be an incentive for you to come back. Also building contacts will help you in projects and it is great to collaborate. And you don’t need to be creative to come here, there is lots of things to do or just hang out.

Any fashion tips?
Lots :)  Check out my You Tube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe. All the videos are edited in the media room here. My white jeans video was filmed in the dance studio.

What is your goal?
I want to be a professional You Tuber and to inspire other young people.  I would like to run workshops and master classes to pass on the knowledge that I have gained through my long term experiences here.

What is the thing you like most?
The satisfaction of when I complete something like when I finish editing a video or finishing a song.

Last updated: 16/2/2016 09:18PM